Theories of Recovery against police officers or municipalities for civil rights violations

This is the third installment in my Primer on Civil Rights Lawsuits Against the Police. If you haven’t read the first two installments, stop what you’re doing and read them, beca...


Welcome to part 2 of this electrifying primer. The last section, after some legal disclaimers that you really should read, discussed statutes of limitation. It then pointed out that if you’re over what a police officer, or officers, did to you, then you have to name th...


A civil rights lawsuit against a police officer or law enforcement for false arrest, malicious prosecution, excessive force, or other similar claims, is not something that ought to be attempted without an attorney. Most attorneys will tell you that nearly any brush wit...


C.J. Cregg: "How do you keep fighting the smaller injustices, when they're all from the mother of injustices?"
Maggie Morningstar-Charles: "What's the alternative?"

From The West Wing, "The Indians in the Lobby"

On July 16, the nation watched, shocked, as Philando Castil...


In recent years, the subject of child sexual abuse has received intense public scrutiny. But while that scrutiny has resulted in prosecutors’ offices putting a premium on bringing abusers to justice, it has not yet lead to victims and witnesses being insulated from unw...

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